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June 20, 2007


Katie June

So fun to hang out with you this weekend! You look fabulous and I love all the fabulous hats and sunglasses, seriously are you a movie star??? :) Take it easy this weekend and enjoy the time with your nurses!

hugs, love & xanadu,
Frenchie and of course, the cupcakes


Ok so the Cattle Sale was fun, but the homemade ice cream from Fresno State was even better. Just what the Dr ordered, some fun, good food and relaxation! Nothing like hanging with the Fam, the dogs (Gracie, Greta, Riley and Remy), and more Fam! Now if we all just move back up there, we can have fun all the time!
You will do fine on Chemo #5.

Love you mucho,

Kim Blakiston


I just wanted to say hiiiiieeeee and let you know that I am thinking of you!!

Kim B. :)

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